Duck egg day 23 Help!


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Apr 2, 2018
My egg has 2 air sacs is this normal it wasn't there 24 hrs ago is it possible the baby has moved around ? The egg has had great veins and growth but I am concerned at this point as I am personally incubating the egg ...


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Hi again! I just posted this on your introduction thread! :) Good luck!

I suspect what you are seeing in the pointed end is just clear fluid, not really an air sac. Until the fill the whole egg, it's normal to have some fluid in the pointed end. But it should fill it up very soon.
If it doesn't, it may not be an issue, but you could have a very gooey duckling when it hatches. Just make sure its bill, eyes, and nares are not full of the goo. It will harden, but the duckling will remove most of it himself.


May 19, 2017
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Thank you !this is the first egg I've ever tried to hatch I wasn't sure if my body temperature would get it this far...I now have a brooding hen and I think I will slip the egg under her for the last week.:)

Ok. HOW have you been incubating this egg? What does “personally” incubatin it mean? Is it only one? Cause you do realize it will need duck friends right?

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