Duck egg incubation


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May 8, 2017
Guyton, Georgia
This is the first time I've incubated eggs and I have 6 Pekin duck eggs in the incubator on their 11th day. I can see all of the embryos moving but 1. I'm going to wait a couple of days just to make sure before tossing. In almost all the eggs there are dark spots. I'm assuming this is blood. I'm attaching a photo if anyone can tell me what exactly is going on. The embryo is just above the "5" in the middle. Excited to see them hatch!
I've worked so hard on this homemade incubator & getting it just right. I hope they all hatch! Any input would be appreciated. Thank you!
Normally if I saw an egg like that, I would say it quit, because the veins would have disintegrated leaving the blood in spots like that. I'm also not seeing much veining in those eggs which also would bring me to that conclusion. But if you're seeing the embryos moving, they obviously haven't quit, so it's not that. Could be meat spots, but it's just unusual that they would be in all the eggs.
I am. And the one egg that I thought was a goner is progressing! So exciting! I hope and pray they all make it. So far everything looks good!

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