Duck eggs under chicken


9 Years
Sep 5, 2010
dublin ireland
Has anyone put duck eggs under a broody chicken?. I have a silkie that has been broody for about 10 days now and she is sitting on nothing as I only have a bantom rooster and he is not doing his job yet, but my call ducks are laying for the last 3 weeks but are not broody.I would really like to hatch some calls but will she freak when they want to go swimming?
She's already been setting 10 days and the call duck eggs will take another 28 that will take her to 38 days of broodiness before they hatch. She may or may not set that long. They do take a fit when the ducklings go into the water.
No problem hatching ducks with chicken hen.

My mother did it all the time.

But hatching chickens with broody duck might be a problem. ( body of W A T E R )

What do you mean "ducklings go into the water"???

Duclings hatched artificially or by other species ARE NOT SUPPOSE DO GO IN THE WATER for at leats 4 weeks (they do not have oil protection only mother duck van provide) after that they do not need mother amnymore.

My mother raised ducks succesfully with chicken hens, just not let them swim too early.
Ok now I have 3 call ducks laying and I really want more so I am going to put them under her tomorrow I just can't look at all those eggs and know each one could be a little call duck
Ducklings raised by hens will go into the water and will be fine. They will spend minimal time in the water and should not be allowed near manmade sources such as tubs, etc. where they can become water logged. Under naural puddle/stream/pond situations I never had any problems with ducklings becoming waterlogged whether raised by chickens or duck mothers. A lot has to do with common sense.

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