Duck eggs wet in nest


12 Years
Aug 13, 2007
We've had about 5 inches of rain in the last 6 days and the dry nest my duck had in a sheep shelter is now a wet nest. The eggs are not submerged but many of them are wet from water running in. Should I remove most of them and add more straw to raise the nest level to let her lay a new clutch or will the originals be ok? Thanks!
I think they will be just fine. I would make certain she has dry straw/bedding every day so mold doesn't occur. That can be a pain if you are getting a lot of rain.
the originals will be ducks lay eggs right in the lake..or in the wet reeds and i put them in the incubator and they hatch..i'd put some dry straw under them so mama can be comfy sitting on the dry straw..but the duckies in the eggs should be fine

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