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    I know this website is about chickens, but I was wondering if there is much of a difference between chicken eggs and duck eggs when hatching. During the last few months, I have tried to hatch 5 duck eggs (3 the first time, 2 the second), but none have hatched. I have been candling them, so it seems that they get a week or two into incubation, and then they die. Nothing changes in the incubator, but they just die!

    The temp is usually about 100 F, and I have no Idea what the humidity is because I have no way to tell. I do have water in there, though.

    I have hatched probably about 100 chicks and maybe about 4 keets in the incubator, but never ducks. I really want to hatch some ducklings!

    Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Dec 22, 2009
    I'm not a expert hatcher but there are plenty of great hatchers in the duck section
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    I don't know? I am on my first time hatching ducks too. I have Muscovies hatching out right now. I did them at around 100 degrees hand turning them 3 times daily. I also misted them every other turn with a water bottle. I read that ducks like higher humidity and that is like the momma duck taking a swim then sitting on them. You can get a humidity monitor at Petsmart or Petco in the reptile section for under $5. I kept my humidity around 45-50% the first 30 days and upped it to 65% during lockdown.

    I'm not sure what could be wrong since you have hatched so many chicks out? Where are you getting your eggs? Maybe there is a problem with the eggs themselves... although that is strange that they are making it two weeks before dying? [​IMG]
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    So far, all of the eggs have been from my 2 friends' houses and my cousins' house. Maybe I should just put more water in...
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    I use a modified dry hatch method on my call ducks. The humidity is 30% for 21 days then I up it to 60% and decrease the temp 1/2 degree until day 28 when I up the humidity again to 65%. I hatch in a RCOM so I know the exact temp and humidity.
    Disinfect the incubator well and use duck eggs from as many sources as you can get locally. It could be the incubator or the eggs. Since you've hatched many chicks in that incubator it makes me think that it may be the eggs problem but better safe than sorry.
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    The incubator is small (only holding 2 chicken eggs at a time), so i'm planning on getting a new one soon. Which incubator would you suggest? I was thinking about the first one on this list, with the auto turner :
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    I have the same one with a fan and an auto turner and I love it! Takes an hour or two to get the temp perfect but once you do it stays rock solid. I have 42 eggs in mine right now on day 7 and I have had no problems whatsoever with the temp, it's well worth the money. :D
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    That seems like a good price too. I bought a Little Giant because that was what my local store sold. It was $39.99 on sale and then I went back later and bought the egg turner for $44.95. From what I have heard the Hovabators are really good incubators. Alot of people say they hold their temps steady. The Little Giant is not that good at holding a steady temp. It takes me a good 3 days or so to get the temp adjusted just right and then if the bedroom gets warmer than usual the temp spikes. It doesnt seem so bad if the room cools off though... At night my bedroom can get pretty cold but the temps will hold fairly steady. LG is a pain in the rear because I have to make sure if it gets warmer than usual in the bedroom to turn my fan towards the incubator or I will get a spike.

    I really, really, really want a Sportsman! My husband has agreed to let me spend $300 on an incubator but I won't find a Sportsman at that price unless it's used and I get very lucky. If I can't find a good big used one I am going to get a Brinsea that holds 20 eggs. I have seen on craigslist someone close to me that builds incubators. I thought about trying it but I'm a little afraid to spend that much on a homemade bator. My friend told me her grandpa has a cabinet incubator in his barn he hasnt used in years. She's going to ask him about it. Maybe I will get lucky!
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    Okay, maybe I will get that hova-bator! For 100 bucks, not too bad!

    Good luck on finding your incubator, hennypenny99!
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