Duck Eggs


5 Years
Apr 22, 2014
I have a buff female and so far she has been laying an egg a day. Today though, she layed two. One was fine but the other has a soft shell. Do I need to add something to her feed? The feed she is getting now we mix at work ( a feed mill). Rolled corn, steam rolled oats, alfalfa pellets, calf manna, liquafat (for dust), and oats.
Ok i feed mine layer pellets with free choice oyster shells. I still get soft eggs every once in a while. she should be fine but just watch her eggs to see if they are still soft. If she laid two in one day i do not think it is uncommon for the second one to be sort.hope this is helpful.
After Noodle laid the two eggs, she skipped a day then layed a regular egg. So I think it's because she laid two eggs at once. I talked to my boss (who does the feed formulas) she suggested feed lime vs oyster shells (cause of palability and absorption) and add Vitamin D3 with it. So I will give that a shot.

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