Duck extremely swollen; please help


7 Years
Jan 17, 2013
I have a duck who is about 7 years old. I noticed her "hanging low" about a week ago-as if she were about to lay...but she has not and the swelling has significantly worsened. There are no visible injuries. Sometimes it feels kind of spongy, sometimes more hard. I tried gently feeling inside her vent with the tip of my finger, but could not feel a shell. I've tried soaking her for upwards of a half an hour in very warm water with Epsom salt, feeding her yogurt for more calcium, and adding vitamins or ACV to her water as well as sprinkling poultry conditioner on her food. All to no avail. Our local farm stores apparently no longer carry Duramycin powder. None of the rest of my flock are showing any symptoms of anything. Any advise would be appreciated!
That has crossed my mind too, but aside from soaking (which I've done) I don't know what to do for that... She's never had a problem before, but a few weeks ago her sister was predated. I wonder if depression/stress could have weakened her immune system which is why I was looking for Duramycin...
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