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Jun 24, 2015
We got five ducklings, all feathered out with no more fuzz, on a whim from a feed store to add to our farm. I think I've determined breeds, jury is still out on genders. My question right now is feed. They've integrated into the chicken flock and go into the chickens coop at night with everyone else (considering building them their own smaller one in future). They eat fermented layer feed right along side the flock. I've asked at two local feed stores about duck feed and whether or not they need their own kind of special feed. When I say, "do you have duck feed?" I get a puzzled looked and "you mean cracked corn?" I've read that ducks need Niacin that isn't in layer feed because chickens don't need it and have been told that there isn't anything in non medicated chicken feed that can hurt the ducks. Can they get the amount of Niacin they need by foraging? They have the run of ten acres, but stay within an acre of the house/coop. Do I need to switch the whole flock over to a more expensive "mixed poultry" feed from TSC, or separate them and give them specialized "Waterfowl" feed in order to be sure they get everything they need?
Feed stores know everything, dont they? :rolleyes: :lol:
I give mine general layer feed, with oyster shell every so often for good strong eggshells. I also free range my ducks.
I think ducks only need extra niacin when they are ducklings, I didnt even give mine any then, and they all are fine (I dont recommend doing that, i just didnt know better :p)
SO i think if you feed a general layer feed, they will be fine, and you can tweak the calcium if you have thin shell problems by adding oyster shell or something similar
Hope that helps :p
Thanks for the replies! Maybe the "multi species flock" feeds are just gimmicky? I've had feed store employees give me bad advice in the past (I didn't take it and knew better) so I am just wary to take what they say as gospel. Your replies have made me feel so much better!

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