Duck foot problem!


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May 29, 2021
Elvis started limping today and I noticed this. It’s basically a massive callus. I researched bumblefoot and it doesn’t appear to be that, then again I’ve never seen bumblefoot in person. Any ideas?
So far I’ve soaked his feet in epsom salt and applied bag balm.
I’ve including a picture of Elvis because he’s so dang cute. ❤️


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I do believe that is bumblefoot. I am more familiar with chickens, but @Miss Lydia or @Isaac 0 may have more advice. I would start by soaking the foot in warm Epsom salts water or soapy water to soften the scab, so that it can be removed. Then try squeezing out any pus or core inside. Clean the foot and apply plain Neosporin or Triple Antibiotic ointment with a padded bandage. Many duck people use a neoprene shoe available online to pad the foot while it heals. This may need to be repeated.

Miss Lydia

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It's so hard to tell sometimes when bumble doesn't show the blk scab we see with bumble. When my Runner duck had a bumble it was a hard knot under the skin that must have been painful and she limped. It never showed a scab. All bumbles I had treated always had a scab I soaked until soft then removed the scab and picked out the bumble [infection] I ended up taking her to a vet to be sure what it was. What does this lump feel like? Can you actually feel a hard knot under the skin? I'd follow @Eggcessive advise and treat as a bumble for now. after 3-5 days if nothing changes post back and well try and figure out what else can be done. With my Runner she was started on antibiotics and after 7 days there wasn't any change so I opened it up and popped the bumble out. I wouldn't do that right off though.

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