Duck has bloody nose

Mogul Moonshine

Nov 6, 2020
Duck has bloody nose so my five month old golden layer duck Xenia has some blood around her nose and it looks like she might have eaten some blue chalk I’m kind of panicking please respond
Besides the blood on her nose, is she acting fine otherwise? Drinking, eating, breathing O.K? Could you take a picture of her bloody nose? Could you inspect around her body, inside her mouth, and around her pen for any sign of blood?

Chalk is fairly safe since it's used by kids so often, but if you'd like to be precautious, you could try giving her some activated charcoal, molasses, or add Epsom salts to her water to help flush it out of her system.
She’s acting normal otherwise it looks like a cut around her nose the bleeding has stopped but I can’t find where the cut is coming from

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