duck has puncture wound


May 7, 2018
My little Indian Runner got bit by a fox or coon (not sure what got him). He has a puncture wound on his upper hip. No vet will see him or help me. I have some Doxy 100mg and some Amoxatabs 50mg from other animals on hand. My little guy is about 1.5 pounds. Please help me. How much can I give him and which would be better? This happened. Sat night July 31st 2021 THank you for any imput!
Hi! I really want to help but I’m not very good with injuries and stuff! But others that might come on will probably ask for pictures so you may want to attach those!😉 Here is a thread about a puncture wound. I know it’s short and I’m sorry.🙁 But they say to put some neosporin (without pain relief) on it to keep it from getting dried out?
Sorry I’m probably not much of a help but that was one of the only ones I could find!
Can you post some photos of the wound?

Have you cleaned it out well? How have you been treating it?
Is there infection?

Amoxicillin would be best to use for wounds. Dose is 57mg per pound of weight given orally twice a day for 10-14 days.

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