Duck hatchery

Rouen, Mallard and KC= Metzers

Muscovy go on your state thread and ask around, harder to find Muscovy at hatcheries. Might even find the others on your state thread too.
Not sure if they have the breeds you seek, but we ordered our ducks from Holderread farm. All our ducklings arrived healthy.

A little side note regarding Mallards, be sure to check with your state regarding if a permit is needed to have them. My state it is required.
Best of luck with your investment!
Muscovies will be hard to find at a hatchery, you are better off looking for local breeders. I’ve ordered fro Ideal (local ish) and Metzer. I’ve been happy with both shipments with healthy babies.
The closest place i can think of is Ideal poultry
Their prices are pretty low so I very strongly suggest buying sexed ducks. the Mallards and rouens are available now and the khakis will be in may. If you're also planing on buying a drake i'd suggested getting a khaki or mallard drake if you're getting all 3 breeds. A rouen drake can definitely hurt a mallard hen during breeding season.
I agree with everyone else in this thread, hardly any hatcheries have Muscovy ducks. their eggs are hard to incubate, and they have low hatch rates, unless set under a broody Muscovy. Also, Muscovies hardly give any eggs, a good hen in my climate gives me 90 a year. And it is near impossible to keep large scale breeding flocks of muscovies because the hens would constantly be going broody. The Muscovy is a struggle for hatcheries!
I love Moscovies, I get mine from local breeders, swap meets, and poultry shows.

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