Duck Hatching Baby chicks, help PLEASE!


10 Years
May 1, 2009
Hi all, Havn't been around for quite some time but I need some help now! I had a duck hatch a baby chicken I saw it running around and brought it in and I am taking care of it! Another one hatched but I think the duck being alot heavier than a chicken hen squashed the chick. Now there is another started to hatch and didn't want it to get squashed like the other one so brought it in the house in a box under a light bulb with the other baby! There are two openings one a bit larger than the other, it can probaby hatch but if it does how will it get dryed and fluffed or doesn't it have a chance without a mother hen! Anything you could advise would sure be appreciated! Oh, it's been since about 1pm yesterday that it's started pipping!

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