Duck Hatching Eggs


11 Years
Apr 1, 2011
Southern Maine
I have duck hatching eggs for sale.
They will be a barnyard mix of the following:
pen # 1: khaki Campbell hens, khaki campbell and a welsh harlequin drake
pen # 2: welsh harlequin hens and drake, pekin drake, black swedish and rouen hens

The babies will all be mixed from pen 2, and the babies from pen 1 will be campbell/harlequin mixes or purebred campbells

They are $1 per egg, flat rate shipping of $14 includes shipping materials. If you want more than 12 eggs, the cost for shipping will be more since I will need a bigger box. If you only want 1-4 eggs, the shipping will be less if I can use a smaller box.

I have had a hatch rate of 90-100 % with every batch so far this year. Eggs will be fresh!

PM me if you want some, will also trade for other hatching eggs, let me know what you have to offer!

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