Duck Hatching Eggs!

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    Duck Hatching Eggs
    This is for 10 duck hatching eggs from the following breeds. They all lay in the same house, so there isn't a way for me to tell the eggs apart right now. The cost is $8.00 for the ten eggs, plus a flat shipping rate of $20 (this includes packing materials, tracking, and insurance on the eggs when shipped)

    I have the following breeds, all are free-ranging together. You have equal chances of getting purebred ducks and mixed ducks. Each of the breeds were raised separate and hang out with their own breed, but as you know the drakes will mate with any hen.

    Black swedish, blue crested swedish, buff, fawn and white runner, khaki campbell, ancona, welsh harlequin, cayuga, pekin

    I only have hens in black swedish and buff, so there won't be any pure of those (unless the blacks mate with the blue swedish, there will be possibility for pure black swedish ducklings there)

    I also have muscovy, but as far as I can tell the hens are not laying and the 2 drakes I have are not active. (I haven't seen them mating, but sometimes they can be sneaky about it). So I'm not saying you won't get any muscovy in there, but I am letting you know that the possibility for muscovy or mule ducklings at this time is pretty slim.

    PM me with any questions or details!

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