Duck Hatching Eggs!

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    Apr 1, 2011
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    Up for grabs is 10 duck hatching eggs!
    $8.00 for the eggs, $20 for the shipping (this includes packaging materials, insurance, and the cost to ship anywhere in the US).

    I have many breeds but right now they are all running together. You have an equal chance of getting pure eggs as you do mixed eggs. So if you are looking for a fun SURPRISE! hatch, these are the eggs for you!

    My fertility rate has been EXCELLENT. Out of the last 2 batches mailed, both had 9 out of 10 fertile and growing!

    These are the breeds I have:
    Muscovy (the hens are currently not laying, and the drakes are not active. However, please keep in mind that they can be sneaky, so I can't guarantee you won't get any muscovy in the batch)
    Fawn and white runner
    Welsh Harlequin (silver and gold phase)
    Buff (only hens so you won't get any pure buff)
    Blue Crested Swedish
    Khaki Campbell

    The last woman to hatch some from me got pekin, swedish, welsh harlequin, and a couple of mixes from the looks of it.

    Feel free to PM me or email me if you have any questions or special requests!
    Eggs will be mailed after the holidays, on a Monday or Tuesday to ensure they don't get stuck at a post office over the weekend.

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