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    Up for sale/ possible trade are hatching eggs from my ducks.
    I have Khaki Campbell, Welsh Harlequin, Cayuga, Pekin, Blue Swedish (crested), Fawn and white runner (only a pair), and Muscovy. All are free-ranging together, but were raised separated by breed and tend to hang with their own breed. I just want the buyer to know that crosses are possible, but I only got 2 crosses out of the last 20 ducklings that I hatched. The cayugas currently have gray eggs and lay in the same spot, so these can be separated if you ask.
    Fertility has been excellent and proven in these eggs as I have a 1 drake to 3 hens ratio. The fertility rates for me and others who have bought my eggs have been 96-100%. These are $15 per dozen plus $20 shipping (I usually send more than 12 eggs)
    I have only 2 muscovy hens laying and their eggs have been proven fertile. I can collect these separate as they have their own nesting place. The ducklings I got from these hens last year were chocolate, black, white, lavender, buff, blue, and blue fawn (a few pied, some solid, and some solid with white heads). These are only collected and sold by the half dozen right now until I have more hens laying. They are $10 per half dozen plus $12 shipping.

    I also have pure Ancona eggs. These are only sold by the dozen (extras are only sent if I have any the day of shipping unless you don't mind the extras being from the mixed group). I have not been able to test the fertility myself as my incubators are currently full, but a friend of mine has 12 in her incubator with 9 currently developing (on day 10). These are $20 per dozen plus $20 shipping. They are black and white.

    I am open to trades of other duck eggs or goose eggs, just let me know what you have to offer! They MUST be NPIP certified though as my flock has been certified.

    I will post pics soon, feel free to PM me with any questions/concerns!

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