Duck hatching in incubator questions


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Jun 10, 2017
Hey team, my 1st hatching experience is on and I have 2 ducklings so far, out of 10.

A couple questions I was not able to find in the forums quickly;

1. I leave them in until dry, but they are knocking around the other eggs, this is normal I guess?

2. When do I open to remove shells?

Congrats on your ducklings!

Yes the running around and knocking the other eggs is normal, shouldn't hurt anything. I wouldn't open the incubator until all the ones that are going to hatch have hatched. They absorb the egg yolk and that'll last them about three days before they need food or water.
I have 12 in my incubator at the moment on 11th day. Do I have to leave them in the incubator until they are dry before moving to the brooder? Also don't I have to feed or water them for 3 days?
I remove my Ducklings out of the incubator once a bit dry and put into the brooder...I don't let them knock the eggs around.......I put feed and water out once hatching starts..I make a wet soupy mix for them..Easier for them to eat..I also have dry out for them too...They eat when they are ready...
Great, so number 5 just hatched! Do I remove the dry ones from the incubator? It is getting tight in there!
The others were born around noon yesterday, so 19 hours ago. They seem dry, and active!


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