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Mar 10, 2013
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Hi, I have 2 Indian Runners, but want more ducks. What other breeds of duck that will co-exist with mine? Both mine are drakes and don't know what to do, but i want more. I was things Call, or Peking???
Khaki Campbells are the breed I keep these days. Regular layers and there's no threat of them flying away. I'd recommend four or more female ducks to go with your drakes, though. Best to keep a 2-3+ female to male ratio.
wow so much to think about. maybe a flock of drakes isn't a bad idea. was hoping though for some eggs

We're not here to discourage but just to warn you of how the dynamics can change when adding ducks to the drakes, I have 4 drakes and 12 ducks and there is some fighting mostly what I call Sumo wrestling but they have a very large area to roam in so they can pretty much stay out of every ones way also.
I know, but very disappointed, maybe i should just rid of the ducks if i cant get any others that will get along. :(

Or rehome 1 drake and pick up 3 ducks for the one you keep.

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