Duck hock joint inverted/ bends the wrong way


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Oct 20, 2020
So... I noticed my duck has been struggling to walk more than the other two so we have been giving him liquid B vitamins thinking he had a niacin deficiency... He had been getting stronger and doing well.. (he is now about 10 weeks old) and so we thought we would try letting the ducks have their first outing to the pond. The only problem was trying to get them back off the pond. They were on the pond for hours and it got dark. I finally got, yappers, the one who has been struggling the most off the pond around 9. He was limping badly after and is primarily putting all his weight on his left leg while walking. I took him to the vet who said his hocks are bending both ways which is causing the problem and that he probably did have an injury with torn ligaments but he does not believe it is a new injury. He said I need a knee brace for ducks but he did not have anything like that to put in him? I asked about an ACE bandage but he said he would need something with more structural support to prevent the bending in the wrong direction. However, if there is too much structural support in may cause issues with sitting. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can do?

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Jul 19, 2016
I'm very sorry to hear about your bird.

If you could post a video of her, upload it to a video platform like Youtube or Vimeo, that would be helpful in determining what exactly her problem is.

What breed is she? What exactly is she being fed, the brand? Is there any swelling around the hock joints? Do they bend properly?

Especially with heavier weight breeds like Pekins, ducks can suffer from muscular-skeletal deformities such as slipped tendons, varus-valgus, and lastly, one of the most common ones we see is a deficiency in niacin. I have to ask what brand of niacin supplement you're using, and how long you've been giving it, and how you are administering it. Often times, people use supplements that are "flush-free" which tend not to work well, or use supplements with low niacin content.

Even if niacin is not her problem, I would still suggest administering it to her as it supports healthy bone structure and growth. For more information pertaining to treating niacin deficiencies, you can read the link in my signature.

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