Duck Humidity


10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
Grand Blanc, MI
I just was wondering what my humidity should be at for duck eggs. I was running it at 50% and then when my chicks went to lockdown, I boosted the humidity to 60% and just haven't taken the water out yet. I'd think it'd be higher being as they are ducks, but I don't know. Any information would be helpful. Thanks!!!
i afford 60% since power outages happen and i can't raise it when my duck hatched, and i need to make her out of that shell.

better 80% i tough, may be different, i think imcuriositycat will soon respond to your thread when you write the subject with a magical word *duck*.
hope she didn't feel offended by my statement.

sorry heather if i'm wrong or do any mistake.
Ha ha ha! Yup--it had "duck" in the subject line. And here I am!!

Mulia is right about the humidity too--it's generally recommended to run between 50-60% until lockdown, and 80%+ from there on out. Good luck!!!!

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