duck limped and now down


5 Years
Apr 11, 2014
hi am having my first go at raising ducks they are about 6 weeks old and growing so fast last week there was one that began limping there are 2 tanks on the property and the flock will go back and forth on the third day the flock was in the back tank and when i finally got to the ranch they had already made it to the front tank after a head count there was one missing the owner had said they came thru to eat and there was 1 still at the back tank so my son and i went to find the duck had stopped half way its about 100 yard to each tank so we brought him up i felt the leg and it was hot so we have left him in the pen where he stays with the baby chicks he eating well and yet when the flock comes in he just stays sitting in a lid we put water in he no longer tries to get away but am worried he may never walk i really need advice on what i can do to get him to walk again another duck has been found to limp i am wondering this started when they went to the front tank the first time there is maybe 1 or 2 snapping turtles in that tank will a turtle mess with the ducks
Snapping turtles will attack ducks.

Your duck has an infection - if you can get it to a vet, that is best.

In any case, with the leg warm like that, the duck needs oral antibiotics.

Look closely at the leg - see if you can find the wound site. It could conceivably be bumblefoot, and that can usually be treated without surgery.
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And if the duck ( adult, not duckling) does NOT heal, butcher it out and eat it. Ducks are great eating, especially Muscovies with far less fat and more flavor than other breeds of domestic ducks. The last one my dog grabbed turned out to be MY dinner, not hers!
I would be too! Or fried turtle :). Keep the ducks out of the pond if you are jugging it. Wouldn't want any duckies getting caught up & injured. My family use to own ducks when I was a kid & my Uncle would jug our pond every Spring before our ducklings hatched.

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