Duck limping and panting


Jun 10, 2017
Hello, I'm really worried about my duck, since he was little his legs shake and he doesn't move much but never was a problem until they now that he's around 3 months old he started with a bad limping today and when he breaths his back raises like he's shallow breathing, I checked his foot, nothing stuck or anything and then submerged it in Epson salt water for a little bit after but it didn't seem to help, he keeps acting the same, eating and drinking and trying to catch flies but lays on his side with the limping leg extended. I hope someone can help, I lost my 10 year old duck a couple of mouths back and I'm still very sad about it and this one is the new companion of the surviving duck (they were attacked my dogs) and I don't want him to get depressed again, he was finally being his normal a-hole self again with this duck's company. Thanks
Is this duck on chick starter? Are you supplementing niacin with brewer's or nutritional yeast..ducks need extra niacin as ducklings.
No, he's not. I'll try to get him that, thanks, he seemed better later ate a lot and got into his kiddie pool but still limping.
Yes get him on niacin..will help with the shaky legs as well. Yeast dosage is 1 Tbsp per cup of feed. And it was hot today in Ohio not sure where you are but my ducks didn't eat much til this evening after it cooled off a bit. They lounged in the shade and do put there legs out when resting at times.
I buy nutritional yeast can get it some grocery stores, health food stores or Amazon. Brewers yeast can be found same places and sometimes Walmart. I get mine at Kroger grocery in baking aisle next to gluten free stuff. Looks like this

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