Duck newbie here. Question about my duck's odd (but probably normal) behaviour.


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Jul 24, 2013

I have two ducks, a drake Indian Runner called Pweeter (he has a husky voice and curly tail) and a female (I think, as she has proper quacks) Aylesbury mixed with something else that I'm not too sure of called Chicken. They are about 3 months old.

My drake is very friendly and silly and will come up and feed from my hand. He is still a little shy but apart from that he's lovely.

My female, on the other hand, is a strange one indeed. Every time she sees me she quacks very loudly (it sounds like a crazy person laughing) and runs around. When I'm near her she will bob her head and take a run up to me and start biting my arm. I have had them both since they were a couple of days old, we have had no incidents where she should be scared of me and it only started happening in the last couple of weeks. She follows me around and also gets loud when I leave, and I am the only one that she allows near her (I live with 3 other people).

What is this behaviour? I was fairly certain she was female, but isn't this something that drakes do? Sorry if it's an obvious answer, but I'm just a bit curious if I've done something wrong.

Thanks :)
She is in love with you.

Awww, sweet.


And this is normal. You provide her with all she needs, you protect her. It happens quite a bit.
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