Duck or Chicken Egg?


6 Years
Jul 6, 2013
I have young hens (chickens and ducks) and have gathered some eggs that I thought were chicken, but when I washed them they felt very slick. Much different than the rest of the eggs. They are almost white, and I expected the duck eggs to be blue, and the chicken eggs to be brown????? They are smaller than the other eggs because the hens are young. What do you think? Duck or chicken?
What kind of ducks do you have to think they were going to be blue?
I think its a duck egg, because when you wash duck eggs there natural coating feels slippery when being washed off.
Sounds like a duck egg. Their egg colors can vary shades. They might not be the right color yet or size due to it being there first eggs. As they progress the eggs should be noticeably larger and shades should stabilize. I have 2 cayuga's, lol E'aster going off right now lol, one lays green while the other lays gray sometimes varying shades of their color.

What breed of duck/chicken do you have?
I agree, sounds like a duck egg!

My 4 Pekins have been laying for a month. All same age, same hatchery. I expected white eggs, but we get more of a range of lt. warm, creamy beige to a darker, almost olive/tan color. All are slippery when wet, and the color scrapes or washes down to a stark white very easily.
They are a mix, I don't remember what kind. I bought 3 young ducks and the man gave me 7 blue eggs. One hatched.
I agree with the others that it's probably a duck egg. Not many ducks lay blue eggs, at least not like the blue a Robin lays. Did you mean that or kind of a blue tinge?

Did the man tell you what kind of eggs he gave you? For the one that hatched, did it look like the three you bought? It might help if you can post some pics of what they look like.


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