duck (or goose) prosciutto

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    May 4, 2010
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    has anyone here ever made any... I like prosciutto(with some fresh, buttery, whole milk mozzarela and crusty sourdough rolls... drool... perfect lunch), and would love to make my own, however, my dad wouldn't give up a ham from the pig we butchered last fall for the attempt...mind you, I'm not really complaining... the pig was huge, and the hams were over 50lbs each, a whole lot more meat than I feel comfortable testing a recipe like that with, and the smoked hams my dad did( four boneless hams from each actual ham... a lot o'ham) were awesome beyond belief... then I saw a recipe for duck(or goose) prosciutto in the latest Field & Stream I picked up... basicly just a duck(or goose) breast, salt cured and hung like regular prosciutto, with the advantages of not taking near as long, due to their smaller size, and not being so much meat so that if I screw up, I won't have wasted more food than I could eat in a week...we are thinking about getting some ducks this year and I might try out this recipe if we do... just curious if anyone on here had ever tried making it... also, should I do this, what are some good uses for the rest of the duck, I have only ever roasted whole duck (under the watchful eye of my grandma each time), and that was a long time ago, back when I was just learning how to cook, so I am not all that knowledgable on recipes using only parts of the duck...
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    Have you tried the recipe yet? I seen that article and was going to save it and next thing you know my wife tossed out the magazine. I have been searching the web looking for that recipe and have had no luck. Do you still have a copy that you could email me or list it in the forum? I got a few geese yesterday and would like to give it a try.


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