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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Maryallison, Jul 10, 2011.

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    Jul 18, 2008
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    So our duck pond is small. Just a 9 x 12 foot. We bought a decent pump, but water is still green. I know the 3 muscoveeys we have poop in the water, but I was really hoping the pump could clear it out. Will go read pump box in a minute and tell ya'll what it is exactually. Is there anything I could put in the water to help with the green? Husband mentioned a carp fish? Where do I get a carp? Any help appreciated

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    I've heard people mention barley straw in a mesh bag will control algae. Adding fish will likely worsen the problem as they will add more waste for the algae to feed on. Also adding waterlilies or some other form of shade will help.
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    Carp are vegie eating fish. People put them in the ponds to clean. But they do not stop growing and breed like rabbits. So you need to put one young fish. Big enought that it wont be eaten. Or armored suckerfish.
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    Quote:Barley straw works and you can buy it a TSC they sell it for stock tanks.
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    Feb 5, 2011
    It would have probably turned green without the ducks too. Algae loves light. So you want 80% of the surface covered with floating plants. Caution on water hyacinths. They will sink as they die off and cause a real mess down on the bottom of the pool. They are ok as long as you remove dead stuff and don't let them die in fall. Yank them out before. You can also add a water die. That will choke out the light and reduce the algae growth. Barley is good, but it needs about 30 days in the water before it starts to work. Barley extract can be used instead, but it is pricey. You also want to add beneficial bacteria to break down the ammonia that is in the water from the birds or even fish. You can also add trap door snails to control the algae. A UV sterilizer is also helpful, since it kills the algae spores. The list goes on and on. Don't count on the carp working for you.
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    It's 95+ and sunny = ALGAE plus more algae.
    My pond is mostly shade, but still gets a decent chunk of sun and with pump and filter set up, still turns green after a few days with fresh water.
    You will not likely find a pump that will deal with all the poop from ducks, so there will be plenty of nutrition for algae to form and I had NO luck with the barley straw and with only 2 runners in the pond.

    DH wants to just treat it as a pool to keep the algae at bay. I haven't done much reading on that, but my 2 ducks spend a good chunk of time in the pond, so not sure I want them drinking that much chlorinated water all the time
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    Apr 7, 2016
    Is the algae bad for the ducks? I know it isn't the greatest look but if it doesn't hurt anyone then I can check it off my list of things to stress about Lol!
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    Barley straw works. If your pond/tank is deep enough you can order the large algae eating snails. They eat a ton of algae and my ducks left them alone until the cold fall weather set in. Then they figured out how to eat them.

    If you do get the snails you have to make sure the water is turned over/cleaned/replaced frequently. They cant survive with a thick layer of duck organic goo on the bottom of the pond.

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