Duck Q - Foot folded over


6 Years
Sep 26, 2013
I have a pair of ducklings, and last night I noticed the smaller has a foot that's knuckled over - the whole foot is folded under so he's walking on the top of his foot.

I brought them both inside, thinking maybe it was an effect from the chilly nights we've been having. This morning they got to enjoy a warm bath and are getting toasty under a light in the now-dry bathtub. But, the chick's foot won't unfold, not even while he swims in warm water.

I'm wondering if I bought him a feed that's bad for him, or if it's something I've done wrong. Last week I had to pick up food, but they were out of their usual crumbles and I had to settle for a medicated chick feed. A friend suggested to stretch out his foot and tape it in place with a piece of plastic, cardboard, or light wood to keep it in the right position, but his "ankle" is totally inflexible.

Not sure what else I can do for him..? It looks terribly uncomfortable... :\

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