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    Oct 27, 2016
    hello everyone and a merry xmas to you all (sorry i know its late but still)

    am looking at getting some ducks in the new year and have some questions that will impact what type of ducks i get.

    #1 can you house multiple species of ducks together? (different size classes)

    am looking at getting some different breeds of light weight(for eggs), bantam(for pets) and heavy weight (for meat) can i house all of these different sizes together? keep in mind the heavy weights are for meat and would be butchered in a few weeks.

    #2 how cold is too cold for a duck?

    the ducks am looking at getting are welsh Harlequin, khaki campbells and Indian runner, and maybe some call ducks if i can house them together, where i live it can get down to minus 45C. do i need a heat lamp for them and what type of shelter would they need (my chickens right now are spoiled and live with a heat lamp and refuse to go outside)

    thank you every one a smallfarm out :)
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    Southern New England

    we have some with mixed flocks, here, like @Miss Lydia and Tevye's Dad (cannot get the tag to work for him).

    Some ducks do not do well below freezing. Folks do have heated shelters, but care must be taken to avoid fire risk.
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  3. I have Calls living with three large Ducks...A Welsh Drake, Buff Hen and a Saxony Hen....They are great friends.....Mine live out in the Duck house with no heat...When it gets really cold I bring them into my garage in a pen and run a heat lamp for them....For the most part they would rather be in the run laying on their straw....I have a tarp over my run and vapour barrier around the run to block out the wind and snow....

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