Duck Run Thoughts Needed!


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May 18, 2020
Naples Florida
My ducklings are two weeks old so I’m getting ready to start on their duck coop. Everything I’ve read tells me that their coop should be on the ground because most ducks can’t fly and they’re clumsy.

well I live in Naples Florida and my husband and I have a little over and acre of land which most of it is woods. Our yard isn’t fenced in so my husband is concerned about our ducklings and predators, mainly raccoons and snakes.

His idea for the duck coop is to raise it off the ground about 3-4 feet. The run and coop will be off the ground. It will have a metal roof and hardware cloth around it all. The will have their pool up there as well.
I was thinking of putting hardware cloth around the bottom as well along with a second pool so that when I’m home they can be down on the ground to make a mess and dig/forage.

the run itself will be fairly big so they have room to forage underneath.

Thoughts on this idea would be great! Thanks!

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