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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by DustyShadow, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. DustyShadow

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    Dec 10, 2011
    so, i have my first duck show on the 27th of April! thats not very far away! i have to take them into the show on the 26th though...

    my biggest problem is that i don't know how to really wash a duck for show... sure, i've washed my hens (isa browns) before, but never the ducks (the ducks belong to my school)... so, my first basic question is: how should i be washing my ducks? if you could please explain, or even just link me to another site/video, that would be great.

    secondly, what should i be washing them with?? i have 2 pure white muscovys and 2 pure white Pekins. should i be using a basic shampoo and conditioner that i would use on myself, or should i be using a specilised duck/chicken/poultry wash?? also, is there anything i should use to enhance the whiteness of the feathers (without making them another colour! - that happened to our broilers last year - some turned purple!). also, with the red bits on the Muscovy's faces, and the legs, beaks of all ducks, what should i use to enhance the colors and make them shiny?? i've been told Olive oil??

    thirdly, how long before the show should i be washing them?? i've been told just the day before, but i've also been told weeks, or several days before... i'm on a tight schedule - school returns next tuesday, then wednesday is a public holiday and thursday afternoon i take them in... i can go to school on monday if that's better??

    is there any type of preparation i should be doing with the ducks leading up to the show?? i'm entering the Muscovy's in the Muscovy female class, and a Pekin duck and drake in the Junior exhibitors... should i be getting them used to small pens, or sitting still or anything??

    any other tips, or suggestions would be REALLY appreciated...
    whilst i'd LOVE nothing more than to take out a ribbon (blue if possible!), i understand that it may not happen - especially because these ducks (to my knowledge) weren't bred for showing, but as pet ducks, and learning ducks for Agriculture classes, but i wanted to try and enter them, because i wanted to enter my local show - i do junior paraders in the beef cattle, but i have no chance to win because of my experience level. also because our agriculture at school is limited to one year 10 class - mine! so i want to enter them, hopefully get a ribbon, and boost ag!
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    Feb 24, 2011
    Canberra, Australia
    Congratulations on putting your ducks in a show!

    From now until the show make sure they have clean swimming water every day. So, change the water every day. Try to keep the floor of their pen as clean as possible.

    Since your ducks are white it's worth washing them too (my ducks are not white and I just give them clean swimming water daily and that's all). The day before the show wash the ducks in water (deep enough for the duck to almost float in, if you can) using a bit of human shampoo added to the water (as much as you'd use on your own hair). Use a washing mitt or a face washer or small towel. Wash the bird by stroking it with the cloth, paying extra attention to wing feathers and the butt area. Don't rub, just stroke in the direction of the feathers. Avoid getting the soapy water in your duck's eyes.

    Empty the tub and rinse the duck off with clean water (no shampoo). Pour the water over the duck and stroke it well to get all the soapy water out. Take the duck out of the tub and dry it with a towel, always wiping in the direction of the feathers only so as not to ruffle them up. Keep the bird in a warm, dry place overnight till the show.

    I just put a bit of olive oil on the bill and feet (put it on the red part of a Muscovy's face too). I do this once I arrive at the show. Use a small amount on the tip of your finger and rub it into the skin. That way you can control where it goes and avoid getting it on the feathers.

    Getting your ducks used to being handled is a very good idea, but I must admit that all I do is work on getting the ducks happy with eating out of my hand. I don't train them to get used to a pen but it's still a good idea to do that. Letting them spend half an hour or so in a show-sized pen each day will help them to get used to it. But like I said I haven't bothered with mine and they still settle down in the show pen.

    When your bird is in the show pen often they don't get given any water until after the judging. Don't feed your ducks heaps of peas etc on the morning of the show - pooping on the judge is not a good look!! Usually I take a bag of extra wood shavings to put in the pen since the ducks mess up what is in there - I like to clean it out and replace it half way through the day.

    When judging is happening keep away from the judge and let them get on with it. Once the judging is all over you can approach the judge to ask for feedback. I'd highly recommend doing that - you can learn a lot!

    Have fun on the day!!!
  3. PetesMom

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    Mar 28, 2012
    Columbia County, NY
    GREAT info! I also plan on showing my ducks, never even thought people to wash them!
  4. Oregon Blues

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    Apr 14, 2011
    Central Oregon
    I don't wash my ducks and geese. I don't have any white ducks, but my goose is partially white.

    Lots of clean swimming water and the day before the show, I move mine into a grassy area (no mud) and give them clean water and they bath themselves.

    I use a wet washcloth to dab off any mud or marks on the feathers. Their feet will need a good soak to make sure the feet are clean.

    If I wanted to wash, I would use Orvis. I Tablespoon in a gallon of warm water, and douse the duck in it then wipe the feathers. Rinse very well. The ducks are going to preen after their bath and anything on the feathers will end up in their mouth, Cowboy Magic makes a good grass stain remover, if you have spots that won't come out. Or use an enzyme shampoo made for show dogs.
  5. knightie

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    Mar 1, 2012
    Actually Pekins aren't pure white.. The should have a yellowish cast to them. I doubt it's enough time to help now but feed them orange foods to help their colors. That's all I know.(g) haven't showed a bird.... Rabbit yes, dogs (in agility obedience and conformation) HECK yeah but birds... Nope (g)
  6. DustyShadow

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    Dec 10, 2011
    my mum found a website that said to wash the ducks in lux flakes, then in diluted vinegar and finally in a clean water bath??
    is this a sound method?
  7. Kelly713

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    Mar 20, 2012
    One thing that is very important is make sure to not get any of the oil for the bill on the feathers. That will get you disqualified right away.

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