Duck Training HELP!!!


Jul 17, 2015
I had two ducks one was mine and the other was a friends. My duck was strangled by a python and the other one was left alone. So i got him a friend who is a drake and i have a few questions if possible please answer them:
1. when they met they both were sorta fighting with they're bills no hard the male didn't seem to be trying to hurt her just telling her to stop bugging him as she always started the fights so will they stop this soon or not?
2.The drake is around 6 months old and i would like to train him to be taim would it work?
Is YOUR duck a Drake too? I'm confused because you typed "him", then called him a " she" lol ;)

If they're both males, they'll always do that, but if one is female, it will switch to where HE bugs HER.

So big difference if you've got 2 males versus a male and female ;)

On being tame, it depends on the breed and how well they bonded with their first human friend, but most times they'll always be skittish unless they are a docile breed to begin with.

If they're runners lol, forget about taming him, you'll get to look but not touch ;)
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It is a she. The duck is a runner and she loves me. He gets so close to me then when he is calm i go to pick him up and he freaks and i keep calling my other duck (cookies) a him because i always to that with a lot of animals no matter what gender they are XD.
Thanks for the information Shortgrass.
Depends on the duck - mine like thawed frozen peas, sprouted wheat seeds, lettuce, and dry cat kibble. Some ducks like watermelon, cooked sweet potato, koi food… there is a list in the stickies (blue lettered link at top of Duck Forum index).
@Amiga Also The drake was in a very small area with no grass and he has moved to an acreage. I don't think he went out alot and one of his
Moving is traumatic for a number of ducks. I would start talking to him as if he could understand every word - tell him I am glad he's here, talk about your plans, what you like about him.

I think that ducks gather quite a bit of information from our tone and body language, and I think it helps them. It also helps me to talk to the duck.

In the duck world, a quiet animal is likely a predator (meaning, death). So, I talk constantly when I am around the ducks. Sometimes I just make little duck noises.

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