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Jul 27, 2020
My duckling has had an underdeveloped eye ever since I got her. The vet looked at it when she was only a week old and said it wasn’t scratched. At first she just kept it closed and blinked a lot. Now, at 6 weeks, it’s still severely underdeveloped. I’m holding her now and I noticed her other eye appears a bit crusty too. I’m including pictures. Any idea what is going on?


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Could you post a picture of her good eye? Looking at the photos, I can't see anything abnormal, besides some dried gunk around the eye, which likely happened when her eye was sore and closed. You can try wiping some of the gunk off with a damp towel, and flush her eye with some saline, as there looks to be a little redness in the eye.
The first image is her “good” eye that is very goopy. And the second is the eye I am most concerned about. She doesn’t usually use it to look up at things. She favors her left eye. And when I put my hand near her right eye she doesn’t usually notice.


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I can see the coloring in her left eye too. Small eye movements and almost a blue ring around the pupal. Her left eye is much smaller and sunk into her head. It’s very dark.
I can see the difference, now there Is a comparison. Try closing your fist, and swiftly moving it towards the bad eye, and stop right before you hit the eye. Let us know whether she reacts or not to the motion.

I'm afraid, besides making sure the eye stays clean there's little else you can do at home.
I can’t really tell. Sometimes it seems like she can see out of it. Other times she doesn’t flinch. Her other eye looks a lot better today after her bath. I’ll include images.


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It does look better. Continue on making sure she's getting her head dunked in water, and if needed, flush the eye with saline.

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