duck with an eye infection?

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    I have a duck. She lives with a rooster and a few chickens. She is very verbal and follows the rooster around a lot and seems to talk to the rooster every single time he crows and even bobs her head up and down as she is talking. the thing is she seems to have and eye infection in both of her eyes. at first I thought the rooster was pecking her and he does peck her beak if she seems to be talking "too much" but they are not bleeding. Also they seem to get a little better when she washes her fash thoroughly in the water. i have tried helping her clean her face but her eyes seem to have hard stuff on them. it does not wipe off easily. What can i use and does this sound like an eye infection?

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    Its probably an eye infection. I'd suggest that you clean the eyes (warm water) and then administer a triple-antibiotic eye drops, e.g. neosporin (or anything similar) - your pharmacist will be able to advise (the drops are designed for humans, so hence the pharmacist reference).

    Hope that helps
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    ducks need to be able to wash their entire heads several times a day. Does she have water she can wash in?

    If it is an early infection, sometimes a mild saline solution eye rinse several times a day will help. And there are antibiotic eye drops.

    Some put a teaspoon of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar per half gallon of water in the drinking/head washing water as a natural antimicrobial.

    Please keep us posted.

    You can also post over on the Duck Forum.
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