Duck with Aspergillosis


6 Years
Jan 28, 2013
I have a duck with aspergillosis. I took her to the vet and they put her on intraconazole and baytril. She is very sick and I was wondering if anyone has ever had a bird with this that recovered? This is the first time I have ever dealt with this and I wish I could do more to help her. Anyone with experience with this?


7 Years
Sep 6, 2015
Central Massachusetts
I had 2 chicks out of my 6 that came down with it a couple days after arriving from where I purchased them. I could not figure out what was wrong with them, but all the signs pointed to aspergillosis….especially the blue skin color! The chick that came down sick first is the one that survived, the chick that got sick shortly afterwards went downhill much faster, actually had some weird neurologic episodes, and I found her passed away shortly after trying to save her. I read that antibiotics were NOT the way to go for this….I am a veterinary technician and I had brought home some SMZ liquid from my work because at first I thought this was an upper respiratory illness. Unfortunately my hospital only dealt with dogs and cats so for this I was on my own.

My chick that survived (her name is Lucky) got babied during this. My husband kept telling me she would die and every morning I expected to find her dead...
So I kept her in a clean, dry aquarium filled with shavings, topped with paper towels (easier to swap out poopy towels) right next to the cage of the other chicks (they were in a rabbit cage in my living room).
I had a small dish of water in with her, and I took her out every couple of hours and offered her scrambled egg mixed with chopped garlic, softened chick food, and sav-a-chick liquid. I would constantly entice her to eat as much as she wanted. I would drip the save-a-chick on the tip of her beak to get her to drink- but she would drink if I dipped her beak in too. I cleaned her rear end of any crusty poop several times a day and applied some triple AB to it.
I also kept a heat lamp above her, and monitored to temp- I think I had it at about 90 degrees.

I am not sure if what I did really did anything or I got lucky- but some intense nursing care, warmth, vitamins and minerals, and cleanliness might have helped. It's worth a shot in my opinion!

She survived and was a runt for several weeks but is now a normal, healthy chicken (but my husband says she is "special" because she skips instead of running).

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