Duck with hurt leg


May 30, 2017
Hello, I am new to this forum.

We have a runt duckling that just got his feathers and he has a bad leg, not sure what happened to it. the left one crosses over to the right web foot. he can walk but not good, he got in the water and can swim some but not good.
It doesn't seem to bother him or her when we touch it, and it eats and drinks well, but with this injury it is going to end up on the food list for coyotes or foxes or bob cats because it wont be able to get away.
when releasing our other 6 ducks on the water this one just wanted to sit on the bank, so we have it put up to save its life, but how can its legs get stronger if its just sitting and not moving much.

what can we do to help the leg? I seen a utube video of broken leg and it did not look as extreme as video it just crosses over when walking, please help, I called a vet and they want like $400 to see the duck and xray

thank you
Please post on the "duck thread," he may just need some correction to his feet,legs which can be achieved with vet tape or bandaids. Or he may need more niacin in his feed -if so brewers's yeast is usually added.

The duck folks know the important details , I do not. But a photo showing how his legs cross, etc. would be most helpful. Please do .

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