Duck with string stuck around legs

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    Jun 10, 2016
    Hey guys so I went on vacation for a couple days and my duck somehow got string wrapped around both legs. I cut it off but there are still deep marks where the string was wrapped. I let him soak in warm water for a while tonight to help and I’m keeping him contained inside to see if things improve over night/tomorrow. But I was wondering if anyone had any advise on what to do to help in his healing process.

    If things don’t start improving in a day or so I will absolutely take him to my trusted poultry vet, there is no doubt about that!

    BF6FD338-7B5D-4751-B505-4F93222A9AF6.jpeg 9E922DE6-D133-4DFD-B55A-444B71D462EF.jpeg
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    This is a common occurrence unfortunately. You've done a good job getting it off. You could rub or spray an antibiotic on the area for good measure, but it will more than likely heal quite well.
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