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    Aug 22, 2016
    My duck Lucy has been limping a lot and not following the other ducks around lately. She has always limped a little but it is getting worse. We have treated her leg for bumble foot but that didn't seem too help much. It's not really her foot but more at the joint of her leg.Her leg is twice the size of her other leg. Any suggestions on what I should do? Thank you![​IMG]
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    @duckylucky123 Welcome to BYC.. When you feel up and down her leg in the back especially do you feel the tendon in the right place? sometimes when they are tiny ducklings the tendon will slip and can cause lameness and pain also. Is a vet affordable they can take an xray and most likely tell you what is going on and what can be done. In the mean time you can try soaking her leg in some warm Epsom salt water[don't let her drink it though it's also a laxative] 1/2 cup per half gallon of warm water. or warm ES compresses on her leg. Limit her activity for a while also and see if that helps. Rest, ES soaks and water therapy where she has time in pool everyday but only if supervised so she doesn't jump in or out.

    Please keep us updated on how she is doing. @Amiga also rec. T Relief maybe she can tell you where to get it.
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    I think CVS carries T-Relief - other places do, too.

    Sometimes ducks get infections in their joints, sometimes they have arthritis. If you have a vet you can communicate with, they may be able to help you out with antibiotics (if needed) and anti-inflammatory - I would definitely want that.

    Meanwhile, turmeric is a mild anti-inflammatory (it does stain fabric and feathers, be warned) that you might add to her food or water, or perhaps to a treat like mashed green peas.
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