Bedroom Farm Inc.
10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
the ducky room
so i spent the night at my friends house last night cuz i couldn't drive home hahaha and anyway, when i left his house there were 2 pair of mallards!!! they were sooo cute. i tried to pet them but they wouldn't let me get close enough. they were pretty friendly though. it was sooo cute!!!!!! i am used to muscovies cuz they are the only ducks i've ever had. the ones i saw had the orangest little feet and they were sooo cute and small lol cuz my drake had big feet and thumps around my room lol. and they QUACKED lol. it was adorable.

i told my friend i am going to go back and steal his ducks lol. he said okay. but i'm kidding. they were soo cute!!!!
A wild Mallard. He decided he wanted us to raise him. It was funny, he just came up to us while we were sitting in our backyard! He was funny.
hahaha how cute. yeah those duckies were mallard i believe. i couldn't believe how close they let me get. i could have ducknaped them if i had food HAHAHA
They sound like they were adorable!

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