Duckling 5 wk old can't walk


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Jul 31, 2009
Central NY
I inherited 2 white pekin ducklings at 3 wks old one is fine and the other started limping about 1-2 wks ago and now won't walk. It will eat and drink if I bring her water. She will float and use her good foot to swim around if I put her in the pool.

It might have a broken/sprained toe possibly. The innermost nail doesn't look like the rest.

I started giving her niacin last night just in case thats it.

Is there anything else I can do to help her out?

my drake broke a toe and it didnt stop him walking could it be the hips possibly
I think your on the right track with the niacin, Pekins grow so fast they most likely need the extra niacin even more than other breeds. Could he have broken the nail?
how would I know??
he would be hard to know if she cant walk bless her. try the niacin see what happens as she is young then it's prob a growing problem i had pekin cross's and they where big birds and grew really fast they are breed to take 8-10 wks from hatch to table so leg problems can occur i always found mine went at the hip or the hock
My duck that is a Pekin just started doing the same thing and is the same age. I put her in a pool for exercise and she would just use her one leg to kind of hop around. Today when I went to put her in it she couldn't even stand up and was falling all over the place. I just started Niacin today to see if it improves. Let me know if you see any changes. Also, does your duck seem like it is missing a lot of fur compared to the rest of the ducks because mine looks like its fur is thinning in some spots?
I would give the duck as much opportunity to float in lukewarm water as possible, go with niacin and also poultry vitamins. To check the hip, first feel the good side gently, then compare it to the limping side and try to feel if there is a difference at the top of the leg and toward the hip.
The feathers aren't coming in as fast as the other duckling. she can't even stand anymore... Her feet (both) are limp, she eats but not much anymore. I have been soaking her twice a day in epsom salts and she just floats. Doesn't paddle or drink much.

She also doesn't preen herself much when she gets out of the water. I don't think she is going to make it.
and I really got attached in the past couple weeks...
And I don't think she has a good side and bad side anymore as she just lays down all day for the past 3 days.

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