duckling born with umbilical cord attached


6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
Hello! Brand new to this... My duckling was born with the umbilical cord still attached. the yolk part looks a little green too. He is breathing, but sleeping. Should I cut it? Any advice? This just happened about 4 hours ago. Should I keep the temp at a certain temp? Thanks!
to expand to include the other answers,...
If the duckling is still in the incubator then it would just stay at bator temp...if it is in a brooder then it would be at normal brooder temp, 90-95 Degrees F..
At least that is what is recommended...I know that even brand new not even a day old chicks do not want the temp that high, but I don't worry about what my brooder temps are...I suspend the light a couple of feet over one side of the brooder and the chicks handle the rest..if they are hot they move away, if they are cold they move closer...It can also help me figure out if it is too hot in the house...Like, "jeez! It's hot in here, all the chicks are on the far side of the brooder...someone cut on the AC"...Lol.

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