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I need some advice. I have a Buff Orpington setting on 1 Muscovy egg. It is due to hatch 3/15. I just candled and egg and it is dark and dense inside and I saw movement.

My question is: When the duckling starts hatching do I leave it under the Orp ? Do I take the duckling away from Orp and put in a brooder? I am concerned the Orp or other hens will peck and injure duckling.

Any suggestions great appreciated.
Have any of your hens had a history of pecking chicks? If so i would remove the egg from the mother. We have one hen like that here and, even though my Pekins are brutish mothers when defending their little ones, we have lost about 4 ducklings to her. If the mom is in a special protective unit then they should be Ok. If you have one of these units and she just hasn't moved in yet, the duck could be reunited with her chicken mommy without much worry.
If you do not have any history of aggressive hens, i don't think it would be necessary to separate them. However, i not sure i would want to temp them with (i assume) your only/first duckling.
I have never hatched an egg...I buy my chicks already hatched. Some one gave me three duck eggs and I happen to have a broody chicken so I just stuck the eggs under her to see what would happen. Two eggs were duds and this one was fertile. I really didnt expect it to make it this far,,,but we are just 6 days from hatching so I need plans.

Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.
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Is there anyway you can get the duckling a friend if you decide to brood it instead of leaving it with your chicken??

A lone duck can be a sad thing.

Jay's advice is good, but if you do have to brood the duckling, get it a "babysitter"

By that I mean a turkey feather duster as shown in this photo. A mirror is also a great idea.

I hatched a lone duck on Saturday and have been frantically trying to find it a brooder buddy. With the babysitter and the mirror (and its own beany baby), it has someone to snuggle with and someone to play with when I am not there so it doesn't cry when I am not around. It is always happy to see me but isn't sad and lonely when we are gone.
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