Duckling hatched with a bubble a giant bubble on it's head *PICS*


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Nov 6, 2008
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I am not sure whether I should try to deflate it or not. It is really throwing the duckling off balance and it just lays flat on it's back. When it was hatching it's head got dried to the membrane and I am not sure if that is what caused it or not. When it first hatched I held a light up to it's head and you can see the veins going around the outside of the bubble. Any suggestions?


I wouldnt try to deflate it as it may be anything and it may lead to infection if you open it up. My only real suggestion is vets?
Does it feel like liquid or air?

Im really sorry i hope the ducky gets better soon!
It is a crested. I have a really strong microscope light that when I held it up to it it is empty space. Also I had a chicken that it had the same type of bubble on her chest and it turned out to be air.
I would not attempt to do anything with that. Just keep an eye on behavior, coordination, etc. It could (as someone else mentioned) be reabsorbed by the body. A visit to the vet is what I would recommend if the little duckling begins to show any bad symptoms. I see you mentioned it being off balance, but I would wait and see if it improves or gets worse. Good luck and I hope the little darling will be ok.
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If is doesn't, maybe a vet could do a needle aspiration??

(Stuff like this is the reason I will not own or breed crested ducks.)
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I wonder if instead of bringing the nutritive tissue of the remaining egg totally inside, if it brought it in the "wrong way"? And as far as a vet goes, he's going to do exactly what you're going to do (basically, poke it with a needle). If you've already seen that it's either empty or fluid filled, I wouldn't really worry about it. If it doesn't go away in three or four days, then maybe open it.
I'm going to risk sounding like an idiot here, but is it possible that the duckling's brain is not fully encased within the skull? I read about that happening which case, me personally, I don't think there'd be much a vet could do and I wouldn't pay huge $$$$$ to find out.

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