duckling nibbles?

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    Feb 18, 2013
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    we have hatched out 12 ducklings, only one needed and got any help, and that is the only one who nibbles like crazy. When he snuggles into my neck, hair, or hand he just goes crazy with nibbles. The others SOMETIMES give a few little ones, but they dont really sunggle, not like Black Beauty (a cayuga ) is this because I was the first thing he saw? Is it a bonding thing? It doesnt hurt of course, hes only 3 days old, lol. My sister says its bonding, but I was just curious what y'all had to say. ;)

    ~Alyssa ( profile theif)
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    Aug 7, 2012
    All 15 of mine do the same when you hold them and I have 5 different breeds. Only mine are almost 3 weeks old and sometimes it hurts. I've got a couple that like to twist lol. Im not sure if its a bonding thing or not. As mine are from a hatchery and well when my mom picked them up for me at the post office she was the first one they had really seen since the hatchery. But I do look a lot like my mom so maybe. Someone with more experience will come along and be able to help more.
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    It mean she/he loves you. a lot.

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