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    Howdy, so i got two 2 week old ducklings i was hoping someone can tell me what breed they are. can't figure out how to post my own pics but I am thinking they Are cayuga one is solid black with a tiny hint of yellow on its breast hardly noticeable other is black with a lot of yellow on its breast but i think they are same breed black bills and black feet. and also the solid is A LOT more tame it still runs sometimes when i try to pick it up but other times it lets me, but the other it is not so tame it runs like a MAD duck when i try to pick it up but once i catch it it will chew on my fingers and go to sleep if i hold it close as the solid duck does not but anyways can anyone give me some tips on how to get them to like me i used to have like 6 pekins and they were so tame but not the same with these also can you help me with the breed. [​IMG]

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    They're probably Cayugas.

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