Duckling unable to walk correctly and having seizures!!!

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Mar 16, 2018
My duckling (american pekin) is deficient in niacin and began having seizures! (Will they last her whole life?) She is very off balance and can barely walk. The first day it was only 2, the second day, she had 10 within 5 hours, all anywhere from 10-25 minutes apart. The 3rd day she had 2, and today she also had 2. When the seizures began they lasted only 2-3 minutes and happened very frequently, only minutes apart. As the days went by she has had less seizures so far but now they'e lasting up to 8 minutes! Throughout this, we have been giving her niacin in her food, brewers yeast, and giving her pedyalite. Her walking doesnt seem to be improving, however, she can swim just fine. Do the seizures hurt her? How will I know she's getting better and how long will it Take for her to recover? Will this leave permanent damage? Am I doing something wrong? Please help!
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Hello! Sorry to hear about your poor duckling. Honestly, it sounds like you are doing all the right things. I had a duckling that had seizures the first couple weeks, but he grew out of them. I added Brewers yeast to his food and offered sav-a-chick water for an extra boost.

Pekins are known for leg issues, and it's important that they have extra niacin in their diet. You're doing well by adding the Brewers yeast to their food. Since she is not well balanced, I would make sure their food and water is easily accessible, and that the water is not so deep that she would drown if she were to fall in it. Also keep an eye on her to make sure she's not getting picked on by the others. Even if she never fully recovers her balance, she may still be able to lead a productive life. My favorite duck was an adopted Pekin with horribly crooked legs. She got around just fine. The only difference was that she was easier for me to catch for a snuggle

I think you're doing great. Hopefully someone else with more experience will come along and have better advice to offer. Best of luck!

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