Duckling walking in circles and bump on beak. Update: He's okay :)


9 Years
Jul 1, 2010
Bedfordshire, England
Just gone in to the ducklings (they're now out with the big ducks but separate with fencing) and found Calli walking backwards in circles. He also has quite a big lump on his beak that seems soft. He has done the turning thing twice since. Really worried, help please!
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I just flipped through Storey's guide and didn't find anything. Does the spot on the beak look like an injury or just a soft bump? Is it soft or just appear to be? The circling could be a sign of neurological injury. It is in mammals, circling in one particular direction but I can't recall if it is left or right. I want to say right.
I would seperate her. Try to keep her in a small area without obstructions. Hopefully someone else will post.
Is Cali one of the new ones that hatched in Julyish?
Are there any other signs of injury?

I figure I'll keep asking you questions to get you bumped.
The lump is soft. With being cooper up in a small area (their big house only arrived a few days ago) we have had a problem with them biting each others' beaks and I was thinking that may be what's caused the lump, maybe its like a bruise and will go down in a few days? Calli is one of the new ones, about six weeks old now and this morning is the first time I've ever seen it. he seems to be doing a lot of just standing around...
Also to add, he's just had a nice bath and was splashing normally and is now preening normally. Not sure about eating, will observe when I take them inside. With him being so old and never showing this before I'm thinking maybe he ate something he shouldn't have but I have no idea what! They've all had the same food and water and been in the same area except when I've taken them outside...

Edit: He just did a poo and it was quite green, does this indicate some sort of vegetation he's eaten but shouldn't have?

Another edit: Been researching, it seems greenish/yellowish poo indicates he hasn't been eating. Just got him to have a mouthful of food but not too interested. Maybe this lump on his beak is affecting his appetite? Doesn't really explain the fits though...?
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I thought I'd bump this thread just to share my thoughts on what caused it. Basically, the fits only lasted for that one day but the bump on the beak is still there but smaller. I was going through everything in my head trying to think what may have caused it. The only thing I could think of that was new in our garden was a huge Privet Hawk Moth caterpillar which suddenly appeared on one of the lilac trees. It's droppings (as we confirmed after an interesting 'caterpillar poo' Google image search!
) were dropping onto the patio from the tree and I'm sure I remember seeing of of the ducklings eat a couple. Apart from something nasty in its poop I can't think of anything that may have caused it. Does anyone know if lilac is poisonous or had anyone had an issue with anything caterpillar related? The caterpillar has since vanished into thin air by the way.

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