Duckling walking on "knees"

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    Hatched out yesterday, had some serious issues, but is peeping and stumbling around today. He is still very wobbly and only walks on the backs of his knees. Is there someway to help fix this?
    I'm also having trouble getting him to eat. Trying non-med. starter crumbles mixed with water. He pecks and gets it in his beak, then shakes his head until it flies out. I've tried getting his beak in water afterward, to wash it down, but most of the time he shakes his head.

    All suggestions would be awsome!

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    Shaking of the head afyer trying to eat/ drink makes me think breathing issue for some reason. Are the nostril holes regular and is it breathing correctly? I don't have experience with ducklings but when my chicks starting walking on their hocks at a week old I added vitamin/electrolyte supplement to their water and they were better the very next day. Vitamin deficiency causes it.
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    Thank you! I will try the vitamin/mineral supplement.
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    Mar 28, 2012
    Whatever happened to your duckling?

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