Duckling walking strange - "on hocks"


Sep 18, 2019
Hello. This is my first post here. I'm posting out of concern for a wild duckling that lives in my town's public pond. The ducks and geese in this area are all pretty friendly, specifically the pair of white ducks, which seem especially comfortable around people. They have two ducklings, which were very enjoyable and pleasant to visit. They were doing absolutely fine when I saw them several days ago. However, when I visited today, one duckling was nowhere to be found, while the other duckling was walking.. strangely. It was heartbreaking.

(if video doesn't play for you, please let me know)

I'm devastated. What is this cause of this? Is there anything I can do in this situation, or someone I can contact? I live in central PA.
Welcome to BYC! Can you catch him and bring him home?
I would be able to, yes. We have a large, fenced in yard that is completely empty and unused. I was actually telling my fiance quite recently that the yard would be perfect for raising ducks.

However, I have no experience raising ducks (or any birds, for that matter). And I'd feel a bit uncomfortable separating him from his parents, although oddly I rarely see them interacting with each other, and the ducklings are usually a fair distance away from the parents.

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