Duckling weak all of sudden?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by beneduck14, Feb 23, 2015.

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    She was doing fine yesterday as she is only 4 days old. She was eating, drinking, walking, and pooping until this morning. She just wants to lay around and sleep. She hasn't pooped yet and has no blockage. Also her both of her eyes are swollen and almost shut and one of them has a inner eyelid that is kinda dry. She opened them fine yesterday. Guess she scratched it I don't know. How do I make her poop and open her eyes?[​IMG]

    Thanks in advanced!
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    Does she have water 24/7? They need to have a safe source of drinking water (cannot fall in and drown) all the time. They need to drink and to wash their little heads frequently.

    Temperature in the brooder?

    It is possible she has an infection. Do you have a vet who can help you?

    If she is an only duckling, I would put an unbreakable mirror in with her, and perhaps a washable stuffed toy.

    What kind of bedding are you using?

    What kind of food? They need food 24/7 also.
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